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Entrevista Chantal Drente para PRESENT TIME

Publicada el 11 de Octubre de 2013 Comentarios [2]


Imagen representativa de Entrevista Chantal Drente para PRESENT TIME Hi Chantal, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work (education/work experience/etc).

re: (Hi Milou, thank you for this interview and giving me the possibility to tell more of the designs)

I enjoy designing useful and stylish products with a fun aspect. This is something I’ve done during my time at Present Time.
In 2008 I finished my study in Product design and Engineering, which gave me the technical background and skills. For me coming up with new ideas and creating the design of an item is the part of the process I like the most.
What were your inspirations growing up in the creative world? Have these inspirations changed as you have grown as a designer?

re: When growing up I liked the art & crafting classes for the creation of things. I remember being fascinated by the work of M.C. Escher but also many other great painters. Nowadays I still admire them for the great works they made but through the years other artists and designers inspire me too.

So, you’ve designed the Hexagon tables and the coat rack Clothes Pin for the Leitmotiv collection – What inspired you to create these designs? And what does your design process look like?

re: It’s hard to give 1 exact inspiration point for these designs. It’s a combination of trends, other cool products I saw and the request for certain products that gives me the idea for a new design.

This is how the process starts, with an idea. I write it down with some words and a small sketch to remember and from there the idea grows. From the sketch to the computer, to Asia producers and into the stores (hopefully).

What kind of material do you prefer to work with?
re: When designing I match the material with the item. Materials which don’t need high investments to start production are nice to work with, but if a product or design will work better in other materials it can be worth the investment.
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